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pbfinder's Journal

Help me, PBFinder Wan Kenobi!
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Helping anime/cartoon/comic RPers find PBs
Rules of the community:

1) Be nice to your fellow posters. Don't insult or mock their choice of character.

2a) This community was made specifically for RPers in visual fandoms (anime, cartoons, etc.) to find live-action PBs for their non-live-action characters. People who want PBs for original characters and book characters may post also, but will need to give some good detail of what they're looking for in a PB -- unlike someone searching for an anime or 'toon character, we can't just go off their canon appearance!

2b) This community may also be used to find manga or anime PBs for characters -- OCs or old-school video game characters, usually, but if you want a manga PB for a live action character, well, we won't stop you from looking!

3) When requesting a PB, please provide some canon images of your character for reference. You can also provide images of a PB you'd like to use that need some 'shopping -- for anime hair, scars, or what-not.

4) You may also post icon sets here, provided they're of a PB to specifically represent a character. Please specify which character in your post.

Those skilled enough in Photoshop to 'shop anime hair or funky skin tones/scars/tattoos onto icons, or recolor manga and anime images, are highly encouraged to help out!

Some useful resources:

Concerns/requests/suggestions may be posted in the mod contact post.