PB Finder Mod Journal (pbfinder_mod) wrote in pbfinder,
PB Finder Mod Journal

Open for posting!

Feel free to post; rules can be found on the community profile.

Also, pimp this community out to friends, RP buddies, people apping at PB-only games, whoever.

Tags are open for all members to create and edit, but please keep them to the following formats:

series name: character name


!pb: pb name

Please use full names where applicable. final fantasy vii: cloud strife and !pb: michael jackson, not ff7: cloud and !pb: jacko. This is so people can easily search the community.

Edit: Since I've decided to let this community be used to find animated PBs for non-animated characters, the PB tag is actually going to be !pb: pb name (as you can see above!). This is so that people trying to find a live PB for Winry Rockbell can keep their posts separate from people suggesting Winry Rockbell as a PB for Daphne Greengrass.
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